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Landing Hard-to-fill Roles at Fremtind

The Amby-Fremtind collaboration has resulted 25+ hires across technical and non-technical roles. Today, Amby consultants are a natural part of Fremtind's internal team, which creates a streamlined recruitment experience for both internal stakeholders and candidates.

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About Fremtind

Fremtind is one of Norway's largest insurance companies and is the largest supplier of insurance sold in banks. With a focus on circular insurance, Fremtind aim is to fix broken things before buying new ones. Thanks to their extensive experience and insurance knowledge, Fremtind can develop meaningful products and services that bring insurance into a new era of sustainability.

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The Challenge

As one of Norway's largest insurance companies, Fremtind has over 1000 employees and is ever-growing. But despite its size and growth plans, the internal talent team faced capacity constraints, which meant they needed additional recruitment support to reach their hiring goals. Although they had tried working with recruitment agencies in the past, the team still struggled to hire top tech talent - in particular, frontend, backend, fullstack, and test developers.

Not only was Fremtind navigating a hyper-competitive tech market, but hiring for 25+ roles across several teams meant scheduling interviews was complex and setting aside enough time for hiring processes was difficult. Challenging roles, internal capacity constraints, and hiring complexities pushed Fremtind to contact Amby to explore how the embedded recruitment model could help them reach their recruitment goals.

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The Solution

In 2022, Fremtind onboarded two Amby consultants into their internal team. After adopting Fremtind's brand, culture and way of working; the team shifted its focus to Fremtind's most urgent roles - frontend, backend, and fullstack developers. Shortly after the partnership kicked off, Amby presented key candidates for these urgent roles, created key documentation, and built the infrastructure to collect critical data. In the meantime, the team also worked on several non-technical roles like sustainability analysts, service designers, interaction designers, business developers and other analysts. The strong focus on analyst roles supports Fremtind's goal to have data at the center of its operations.

On top of this, Amby consultants took advantage of Fremtind's cross-functional team structure to give them flexibility when placing hires. Rather than needing to find an exact profile for an exact team or product, Amby consultants focused on finding top talent from various backgrounds. From there, the hiring managers decided which product team to place the candidates in based on personality, skillset and interests. This agile approach increased the team's focus on landing the best of the best and provided freedom and flexibility for the new hire to work in an environment where they would thrive.

The close integration between Amby and Fremtind made it possible to test different candidate outreach methods, change up messaging that wasn't working, and be proactive when blocking out interview time. These high levels of trust and flexibility made it possible to respond to challenges in real-time, making all the difference in keeping candidates engaged and processes moving across technical and non-technical roles.

Tine Norsted
↑ As a Delivery Lead, Tine has been instrumental in ensuring quality delivery and development in projects, in addition to managing several recruitment processes herself. 
Andrea Grøttjord
↑ Andrea has taken full ownership over attracting and retaining top candidates for some of Fremtind's most urgent tech roles - frontend, backend, and fullstack developers.

The Results

A hands-on approach to the collaboration made it possible for Amby consultants to fill critical roles at scale, streamline interview scheduling, refine the candidate rejection process, and even improve job analysis documentation. Within seven months, the Fremtind-Amby collaboration resulted in 28 new hires, with an average time-to-hire of 39 days. Even though many of these new hires work within tech, the team maintained 50% gender diversity.

Today, Amby consultants are a natural part of Fremtind's internal team. From playing an active role in recruitment planning to assisting with longer-term initiatives such as launching new and improved assessment methods, Amby's impact goes far beyond filling roles. As for Fremtind, they are continuing to ramp up hiring, roll out new employer branding initiatives, and foster closer collaboration with the Amby team.

From Data Analysts to Frontend Engineers to Business Developers, the Fremtind team is growing by the day, and we are so grateful to be a part of their journey! Head to their career page to learn about Fremtind and explore their open positions.

Ingri square
The collaboration with Amby has been really fantastic. They came in a period when we really needed to get out in market and ramp up recruitment, and from the very beginning, we have had amazing results.
Ingrid Bexrud Talent Acquisition Specialist, Fremtind
— Working with Amby feels more like working with colleagues than with consultants. This is great for us internally, but also for the candidate since they feel like they are talking with someone from Fremtind.
Ole Kristian Jonsrud Talent Acquisition Specialist, Fremtind
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