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Using Infrastructure to Decrease Time-to-Hire

The global need for financial inclusion is powering Pyypl’s growth at an unprecedented rate. With this growth comes with unforeseen hiring challenges that its current organizational structure was not quite ready to handle - challenges that were only amplified by the UAE's fast-paced candidate market. 

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Recently nominated as one of the Top 10 startups in the UAEPyypl is a Dubai-based fintech startup focused on providing emerging markets with accessible digital payment services. With a focus on financial inclusion, Pyypl’s innovative blockchain-based platform allows users in underbanked populations to use their money faster and safer than traditional payment methods.

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The Early Stages of the Hiring Process

As with many startups, Pyypl lacked a dedicated in-house hiring team. This meant that they were in need of a Talent Acquisition Manager that can assist with the high-volume, cross-departmental hiring needs to scale at speed.

While the company's success created an urgent need to scale across markets and teams quickly, it was not the only one moving with a sense of urgency. In the UAE, top talent moves through the hiring process in nearly half the time of other markets. This means that organizations who fail to keep pace with talent mobility fail to bring the best talent into their organization. 

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The Process

In order to keep pace with the market, an organization needs sound hiring infrastructure and processes. While Pyypl had previously worked with external agencies to assist with hiring, these partnerships were on a project-to-project basis. Therefore, they wanted to explore if an embedded solution that combined infrastructure with high-volume hiring could increase the quality of the candidates, while decreasing the time to hire.



The Result

By being embedded within an organization, our consultants are able to gain intimate knowledge and engineer bespoke hiring solutions. For Pyypl, this meant re-engineering our approach to sourcing to reduce sourcing time by 50% per role. In order to do this, our consultant worked on 3-4 roles simultaneously depending on role complexity. This was made possible through flexible scheduling, embedded collaboration, and the swift nature of the UAE talent pool.

 To further streamline the recruitment process, all hiring managers were equipped with a comprehensive recruitment guide that outlined the recruitment process, best practices, ATS guides, and more. These predefined templates and workflows provided the team with greater efficiency and established seamless collaboration.

Our early growth would have been difficult to maintain without the right team behind us. Having a partner like Amby allows us to rapidly scale our team with top talent in a short amount of time. This partnership is helping fuel our mission to create a more financially inclusive world.
Mario Hoek Chief Product Officer, Pyypl
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