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How Amby helped Telenor grow its 5G, Security, and Tech teams.

Having worked with Telenor since 2018, Amby has become a significant part of the internal team's day-to-day workflow. Since our partnership began, Amby consultants have ran hundreds of end-to-end recruitment processes to help Telenor recruit top talent at scale.

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Focused on empowering societies and connecting people to what matters most, Telenor is a leading telecommunications company in the Nordics and Asia. Telenor commits itself to equality, innovation and safeguarding people and the planet by maintaining the same standards of safety, security, and privacy across markets. Its commitment to responsible business conduct has made Telenor a leader in Norway’s digitalization as it provides top-notch content, telecommunications, and data services solutions to more than 182 million customers.

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The Early Stages of the Hiring Process

Since May 2018, Amby has been partnered with Telenor to help its talent team tackle its growing recruitment needs. Like almost all companies its size, Telenor has a considerable number of hires each year across several departments and varying competencies, namely, within 5G and security.

For this reason, as a recruitment partner, our main objective was to assist them with large-scale recruitment in a short amount of time. Additionally, given Telenor’s immense growth and change throughout the years, flexibility has been of the utmost importance - both in how Telenor approaches processes and how many consultants they need from Amby.

The scale of Telenor’s recruitment needs made it necessary for the Amby team to focus on speed and quality during their service delivery - a combination that was only made possible by lasting infrastructure, data insights, and ownership over hundreds of end-to-end recruitment processes.


The Process

Our autonomous recruiters embedded themselves into the Telenor recruitment process and delivered efficiently from day one. With Telenor being such a well-established organization, they already had an effective recruitment process in place. However, as a strategic partner, Amby identified that some of Telenor’s recruitment processes for tech roles needed optimization to improve engagement and candidate experience. With tech recruitment at the heart of Amby’s expertise, our recruiters stepped in to make small changes to these processes that led to significant results. 


The Ultimate Guide

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Since flexibility was critical to Telenor’s team, we adjusted the size of the Amby team throughout the years based on time-bound hiring needs, with up to 5 consultants at Telenor alone at one point. Regardless of who was on Telenor’s delivery team, they could plug in and get to work right away with job analysis meetings, setting up search strategies, assisting with decisions on candidate assessment methods and getting passive candidates into the recruitment process.

— As an internal CoE Recruitment team, we are committed to delivering high-quality recruitment processes to the business every day. With the changing hiring needs throughout the year, it is vital for Telenor to have Amby as a close embedded recruitment partner. This great collaboration has proven to be an optimal way of meeting the business needs - at all times.
Marie Sandstrøm Mathiassen Recruitment Manager, Telenor

The Result

Having worked with Telenor over the years, Amby has become a significant part of their day-to-day workflow and have provided significant ROI in large-scale recruitment. In 2022, Amby helped Telenor with hundreds of end-to-end recruitment processes that provided Telenor with the additional resources and competence needed to develop the company even further. This would not have been possible if it wasn’t for our Amby team’s flexibility and ability to adapt to the changing needs of our partners.

Additionally, our in-depth understanding of the tech market and what candidates are looking for in a future employer allowed Telenor to attract significantly more qualified candidates across various tech roles. Our expertise in recruitment also made it possible for us to provide hiring teams with valuable candidate insights and data overviews. These added insights aim to allow Telenor to move forward with top-tier recruitment resources in the future.

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