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Client Story

Scaling Unacast's Product, Design, and Engineering Teams

Since 2015, Amby has been part of strengthening Unacast's recruitment team to fill positions such as product managers, software engineers, data scientists, data engineers, data manager, and product designer.

Company profile


Unacast is a leader in transparent, contextualized location data. A fast-growing Nordic company with offices in Oslo and NYC, Unacast has a remarkable team made up of subject matter experts from industries that have the most to gain from location intelligence.

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The Challenge

The challenge of a quickly growing and expanding company like Unacast is the need of hiring a large amount of demanding positions with a variety of skill sets in short amounts of time.

While Unacast was founded in Oslo, the company also has offices in New York City. This meant that they needed to scale their teams up in two different candidate markets, each with their own unique characteristics. 

Given Unacast's high-volume, global hiring needs, we knew we had to quickly establish a standardised, yet flexible, recruitment process that followed our proven methodology. Having a sound recruitment framework in place meant that we could smoothly run processes in tandem while making quick iterations when necessary.

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The Process

To generate a steady inbound influx of candidates, we utilised Unacast's interesting product, outstanding brand, and unique opportunities to create global impact in order to create buzz around a series of hiring campaigns.

In addition to improving top-of-funnel applications, we employed assessment techniques backed by over 70 years of meta research to ensure that only the highest-quality candidates converted in the later stages of the recruitment process. This meant that our consultants needed to work closely alongside Unacast hiring managers to ensure that we not only had the right approach to campaigns and sourcing, but also the right competency prioritisations during case send-outs, and later interview rounds. 


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The Result

Understanding the unique company profile and culture of Unacast was crucial and of great benefit in the recruitment process. Our personality tests and cases provided us with the necessary data to make informed decisions that supplied Unacast with candidates that fit both the position and skill set as well as team and culture. 

While thoroughness remained a priority in each and every recruitment process, we never sacrificed flexibility nor speed. The ability to balance both speed and quality shows  in how fast some of the recruitment processes went: one which only lasted 12 days from application to the offer being signed.


The Amby Method

This guide helps you perfect your recruitment process and overcome the challenges that come along with it.

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Since 2015, we have helped fill key roles at Unacast, including CTO, VP Data, VP Engineering, Business Development Managers, Customer Success Ops Manager, Design Manager, Data Vendor Manager, UI/UX Designer, Data Engineer, Technical support, Backend Developer, Team Lead DevOps/platform team, Product Managers, and more. 

Kjartan Slette
Unacast has been working with Amby since they took the leap from recruiting engineers to developers seven years ago, and they have been following us all the way from our first seed round to the growth company we are today - and the collaboration has only gotten stronger and stronger over the years.
Kjartan Slette Co-founder, Unacast
Sjur Sundin
— Amby is an important partner to Unacast and has consistently delivered great candidates as we continue to grow. I was myself recruited through Amby and I was impressed by their recruiting process and how well they represented Unacast.
Sjur Sundin Product Designer, Unacast
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