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Exceeding targets and taking global leaps at Zaptec

Over the years, Amby consultants have helped Zaptec establish recruitment processes, craft talent strategies, and expand hiring efforts across Europe. In 2022 alone, the Amby exceeded hiring targets by 57%, which resulted in resulted in a cost-savings of $182,000.

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Headquartered in Stavanger, Norway, Zaptec is a world leader in intelligent charging systems for electric vehicles. By combining its unique power electronics technology with cloud-connected and scalable charging solutions, Zaptec is able to put forward working solutions based on real experience from the country with the highest EV per capita in the world.

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The Challenge

Since 2012, Zaptec has been on a journey to create a more sustainable and electrical future - a journey that has brought them hyper-growth and positioned them as a global leader within EV charging. However, like most high-growth companies, Zaptec’s journey to better personal mobility starts with building great teams. Although the Zaptec team knew they needed to increase recruitment efforts, they lacked the internal talent team and talent strategies needed to recruit at scale. To add to the complexity, Zaptec’s headquarters are in Stavanger, Norway - a relatively small city with a limited candidate pool and fierce competition for top talent with Zaptec’s tech stack.

To overcome these challenges and keep pace with its growth plans, Zaptec needed a strategic partner to support with nearly every aspect of recruitment. From top-of-funnel activities such as sourcing candidates in a highly competitive environment, to more strategic initiatives such as mapping out market entry talent strategies, Zaptec turned to Amby to operationalize its hiring roadmap and broaden its talent pool across Europe.


The Solution

To ensure that scalability and quality were at the forefront of delivery, the Amby team first set up a foundational recruitment process according to the Amby Method, which gave Zaptec a sound end-to-end recruitment process that they could depend on to deliver quality candidates time and time again.

Zaptec also made the strategic decision to expand its search strategy outside the Stavanger area. Amby consultants conducted market research, created search strategies, and took on initiatives that positioned Zaptec as a preferred employer in new markets across Europe - specifically in Denmark, Benelux, Germany, Switzerland and Sweden. This expansion decision fueled the team’s ability to build out hubs across these markets, as well as relocate top talent to its Stavanger headquarters.


The Amby Method

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In conjunction with expanded search and sound processes, Zaptec onboarded four additional Amby consultants - bringing the Amby recruitment team to a total of seven. This gave Zaptec the renewed bandwidth it needed to keep pace with its hiring roadmap and expand beyond its operations across Europe. Through close collaboration with Zaptec’s HR team, these Amby consultants were also able to take on various People Operations projects in an effort to empower processes and strategies for the future. This includes initiatives such as onboarding workshops, unique search strategies for junior profiles, handover workflows from recruitment to HR, recruitment playbooks and template libraries, and employer branding activities.

Felix Nicolai Hartmann
↑ As one of Zaptec's earliest recruiters, Felix has been instrumental in building Zaptec's processes from the ground up and ensuring quality delivery and development in projects.
Elisabeth Finanger
↑ Elisabeth has taken full ownership over attracting and retaining top candidates for various Product, Tech, and Marketing roles.

The Results

In just 5 months, the Amby delivery team exceeded hiring targets by 57%, and filled 22 roles across sales, operations, tech, and product. To reach these targets, the team averaged an impressive time-to-hire of 47 days, which resulted in cost-savings of $182,000 and provided invaluable recruitment processes and tools compared to the traditional agency model. Granular data tracking made it possible monitor and continuously optimize the recruitment process based on key indicators such as time-to-hire, cost-per-hire, and candidate satisfaction. 

The team’s search expansion and globalization efforts also paid off in terms of diversity - 52% of Amby’s hires were non-Norwegian and 27% were female. With hires from 12 different nationalities, these statistics demonstrate how Zaptec has gone from a predominantly Norwegian organization, to a global player focused on diversifying its talent pool. Moving forward, Zaptec will continue to build out hubs across Norway and Europe by utilizing its relocation packages and messaging strategies that position the company as a preferred employer within its target candidate audience. Head over to Zaptec's career page to view their open roles and learn more about life as a Zapien! 


saved vs. agency costs

22 hires

made in just 5 months

12 nationalities

hires are from

oda square
Working with Amby provides a seamless experience from start to finish, which receives great feedback from the candidates. We are super satisfied with the collaboration and not least the good people we always end up hiring.
Oda Vår Arnesen HR Business Partner, Zaptec
Felix round
— After joining Zaptec as an embedded consultant back in December 2021, I quickly felt like part of the team as a Zapien. Collaborating closely with a world-class company like Zaptec has been both great fun and challenging. Throughout my time there, we have been able to attract top talent all around Europe, and together built processes to facilitate further growth worldwide. Behind these results lies hard work and a great strategic partnership.
Felix Hartmann Recruitment Consultant, Amby
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