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Hiring Unicorns at Kahoot!

We’ve helped Kahoot fill positions at their Oslo Headquarters in the Engineering, Product and Design teams such as Frontend Developers, Backend Developers, Product Managers, UI and UX Designers and Head of Design.

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Kahoot! is an educational platform that makes learning fun, inclusive, engaging, shareable, and ‘magical’. The platform is created by an international team located in Oslo, London, and Austin. Kahoot! is used by 70 million users monthly, across all countries, with more than 60 million games created within the platform.

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The Early Stages of the Hiring Process

Amby entered the picture in fall 2017, when Kahoot! needed to strengthen the engineering and product teams with new talent to spearhead the company’s growth. Our role has been to guide candidates throughout the entire process – from sourcing to negotiation and offer stages.

The main challenge was finding exceptional unicorn talent in a slim candidate market. Candidates needed to have experience in both end-to-end product development and high-traffic/usage product as well as be able to manage the technical challenges that naturally arise in these fields. At the same time, the strong culture at Kahoot!  required candidates invested in the cause and mission of improving education and learning.


The Process

The process started out with an extensive role-specific analysis, on which we built job ads and optimised outreach campaigns. This also included close monitoring of job platform performance in respect to each role. Through identifying groups and forums we additionally ensured efficient job ad distribution across social media platforms.




The Result

Given that Kahoot! was looking to fill positions that required exceptional talent, we first created position-based recruitment strategies for each role and recruitment process. All throughout the collaboration with Kahoot!, we continuously gathered significant amounts of conversion data in order to constantly improve our strategy and approach in the market.

During the sourcing period we implemented both local and international teams, which each covered region-specific talent acquisition. These teams also represented our recruitment offers at meet-ups in Poland and Norway.

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— Amby has helped us recruit for roles within our Engineering, Product, and Design teams. They have always worked hard to deliver good results and the cooperation has been very positive. I highly recommend them to others.
Carla Carsenzuola HR Director, Kahoot!
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