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  • Growing Whereby's team by 56%
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Scale your team
with embedded recruitment

We equip high-growth companies with the people and strategy needed to recruit top talent at scale. Our fully-embedded recruitment solution combines talent expertise with data-driven processes to scale your team better and faster.

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strategic partner

By embedding our certified consultants into your team, we gain a deep understanding of your goals, challenges, and desired outcomes. This knowledge fuels your custom-built team’s ability to deliver customized, end-to-end solutions spanning the entire talent lifecycle.

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data-driven delivery

We collect and act on critical recruitment data such as time-to-hire, cost-per-hire, pipeline conversion rates and more to make us faster and more precise every step of the way. All data is aggregated and centralized for faster and more efficient decision-making.

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transparent pricing

Our subscription-based model eliminates hidden fees, so you know exactly what to expect from our partnership each month, allowing you to take full control over your HR plans by giving you the flexibility to upgrade, downgrade, and access additional solutions and resources at any time.

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Global reach,
local knowledge

Our consultants are located across the globe, equipped with local market knowledge and access to talent pools across the globe. They work across time zones and languages to reach and engage top talent at a global scale so that you can hire top performers wherever you are or need to.

Trusted by the world’s most ambitious brands

We join forces with the most innovative companies across the globe to strategise, lead, and execute recruitment processes at scale via a flexible subscription model.

  • 30%

    More efficient

    Our average time-to-hire for tech roles is 30% lower than the industry average.
  • 48%

    Cost savings

    Our embedded model cuts costs significantly compared to the agency model.
  • 92%

    Client satisfaction

    We always have the best interest of our clients at heart and feedback to show for it.
Jessica Zwaan Round Mask
Since the first day, working with Amby was truly incredible. The team was proactive, positive, and efficient in building processes to scale quickly and sustainably. The recruiters embodied our company values and as such were a perfect addition to our team.
Jessica Zwaan COO, Whereby
john unloc
— When starting a subsidiary in a new market by yourself, the first few recruits are even more crucial than in an ordinary case. This made us choose to work with Amby in building our team in Sweden. Amby has a structured process and uses data in a good way to evaluate candidates. But, most importantly, they have a relentless energy to find that perfect candidate and maintain a fast pace throughout the process.
Johan Hedenbro Country Manager, Unloc Sweden
carla image mask
— Amby has helped us recruit for roles within our Engineering, Product, and Design teams. They have always worked hard to deliver good results and the cooperation has been very positive. I highly recommend them to others.
Carla Carsenzuola HR Director, Kahoot!


We have compiled over a decade of recruitment expertise in one place
to help you grow your teams better, faster.


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